Areas of expertise:

  • Program management
  • Process improvement
  • PMO management
Liberty IT Consulting Group Project Management Project Office and Delivery Business Analysts

Before joining Liberty IT Mike spent over 15 years in various industries including banking and financial services, motoring and not for profit sectors.

Mike has undertaken a variety of roles such as managing technology transformation projects, leading the development and rollout of process improvement capability, PMO management, and leading the mergers and acquisitions program for NRMA Motoring & Services. Mike’s expertise is within the technology and process space, particularly working with business stakeholders to remediate projects which have gone off track.

In addition to his extensive work experience, Mike enjoys playing classical and electric guitar. “I enjoy the technical challenge of classical but love to play along to my favourite rock songs on electric guitar.” Mike also enjoys sailing and exploring the waterways around Greater Sydney area when the weather permits.

What Mike brings to Liberty IT Consulting Group

Mike has a love for rallying teams to solve customer and business problems, particularly where there is an opportunity to apply his process improvement skills. Mike’s experience has shown that many problems are due to people not communicating, not following process or a lack of training, allowing bad habits to be passed from person to person. Mike has even used process to resolve union disputes as part of Enterprise Bargaining. “Quite often people do not have an appreciation for the impact their actions have on others within a process. Once you get people to understand and appreciate each other’s position they can then start to fix the problem.”

Key achievements

Some of the larger projects Mike has led were the acquisition and merger of 35 holiday parks into the NRMA group as part of the corporate strategy to become the largest holiday park operator in Australia. This led to Mike leading the acquisition of Manly Fast Ferries and Fantasea Cruises businesses to complete NRMA’s Marine portfolio and strategy to keep their members moving around Sydney.

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