Greg Dimitropoulos

Areas of expertise:

  • Transformational Leadership
  • Retail Banking
  • IT Program and Project Management

Greg has over 28 years experience in IT and Business Management, and has managed teams of up to 80 employees and 10 vendors. He has a proven track record in implementing new ideas, restructuring, cost benefit analysing, IT enterprise systems and strong financial management skills which increase business profit line.

He has worked in mission critical environments in Retail Banking, including Wealth Management Advice.

Greg has experience working with Security, Global Software and Infrastructure upgrades, Migrations, Data Storage & Support Service Desks etc.

What Greg Brings:

Greg brings very strong management and leadership skills after a number of years managing various different teams.

He will bring the ability to improve the business entirely to a new level of effectiveness, will assist in the stakeholder management and negotiation experience, and will have the confidence to implement change initiatives.

Key Achievements:

One of Greg’s most recent accomplishments is from his time at Star Entertainment Group, where he mentored the Project Management team to change the project delivery culture to improve the outcome for the teams, and also defined the future strategic direction road maps from 12 months to 3 years across the portfolio.

One of Greg’s achievements from his time at AMP, involves him leading and managing the IT, Business and Strategic Vendor to co-design, develop, test and implement the goals-based engine within advice practises with their AMP advice philosophies and business rules.

“Never look back in anger and also look forward in hope, and never dream small” -Michael Caine.