Hailey Romeo

Hailey Romeo: Head of Marketing

Areas of expertise:

  • Digital Marketing
  • Social Media
  • Communications

Before joining Liberty IT Hailey spent nearly a decade working in the social media and digital marketing space for various well-known brands and start- ups.

Hailey has undertaken a variety of marketing and digital marketing roles such as managing social media platforms, building and maintaining customer bases, managing the strategy of digital platforms and establishing a clear and strong brand voice for varies companies. Her expertise is within the digital marketing space, the customer experience cycle and loyalty programs.

In addition to her extensive digital marketing and communications experience, Hailey is also a civil celebrant appointed by the Australian Government. She enjoys doing this on her weekends and spending time with her family.

What Hailey Brings to Liberty IT Consulting Group

Hailey has a love for branding, digital marketing and social media. Hailey knows what truly drives conversions, creates engagement, and consumer loyalty—and it’s not just about mastering the perfect marketing plan. She believes it is about how well you connect with the consumer you’re trying to help and how you communicate your understanding back to them. She has a passion for all things marketing and that energy shines through all her work.

Hailey enjoys social research and learning which client products appeal to specific demographics and is dedicated to reaching potential buyers through innovative means. Above all Hailey is a skilled communicator and loves connecting with digital influencers as well as targeted consumers online. Ultimately Hailey aims to builds genuine relationships through marketing channels and communications. These foundations are her priority.

Key Achievements

Some of the larger projects Hailey has led, were the launch of mobile sites, re-launching customer loyalty programs, managing implementation and the operations of CRM systems, hosting product launches and events and executing SEO and SEM campaigns.

“Feel the fear and do it anyway”

Susan Jeffers