How to Survive Groundhog Day at Home

Are you losing track of time? Does it feel like groundhog day every day?

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Here are three tips that make working from home much more enjoyable and motivating whilst we stay home to help #stopthespread.

1. Schedule Your Days

This is a big one! Plan your days out. We all have a point in our day where we work at our best, lock in that time for the most important tasks on your list. Then start planning around that. Next I would lock in an hour of your day to focus on your mental health, go for your morning walk or do your meditation whatever that activity is that makes you feel good. Then of course we have the usual lunch breaks, team meetings etc that help structure our days which is great. If you are like me and aren’t so good at having a schedule that is ok, as long as you can make sure you do these things at some point in your day, every day doesn’t have to be the same..

2. Make a Dedicated Working Space

We cannot control everything that is going on around us, but what we can be in control of is how your home feels. Right now, external influences can make us feel stressed and overwhelmed. Take the time to create a space that you feel good in, a spot that makes you think clearly and focused.

3. Have Something to Look Forward Too

I feel happier when I have something to look forward to, and right now it’s finding those little things that can bring you joy. Whether that be watching the next episode of Tiger King, zooming a friend or getting back to that book you have always wanted to read. Now is the time!

Working at home through this unique period of time is hard, but our days can still be positive! Let’s focus on what we can control and that is how we work at home, our schedule and the little joys that we can look forward to every day. Start with actioning these three tips and your groundhog days will start feeling very different.

Share with us your top tip!?

Author: Hailey Romeo – Liberty IT Head of Marketing

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