Liberty offers the option to all staff to work from anywhere, permanently!

Liberty IT Consulting Group (Liberty) is Australia’s leading technology implementation and project delivery specialist. Liberty offers professional services, core banking, and digital transformation to the Financial Services Industry and is based in Sydney, NSW.

Earlier this year, Liberty IT decided to allow its head office team members who are not on client projects to work from anywhere, indefinitely. 

Taking pride in the business of digital transformation

Liberty has always taken pride in its forward-thinking approach to business. Since its inception, we have strived for digital (paperless) processes and fully embraced working in a virtual office environment with great success. Liberty IT measures its people’s wins based on outcomes, as opposed to the number of hours worked, start and end times in the workday, or physical presence in the office. The company’s mentality has always been that people perform best in the comfort of their surroundings and during the hours that suit them (around family and other commitments unrelated to work). In return, Liberty found that team members excel and perform better and offer discretionary effort because they are happier with their flexibility.

Beyond being an inclusive industry leader, Liberty IT epitomizes the meaning of work-life balance and is well known for offering its team members flexible arrangements. For example, physical presence makes sense at times and is always in consultation with team members; Liberty IT organizes face-to-face meetings, group activities, and workshops when that makes sense in the context of the work required. During those times, we work closely with each of its clients to adopt suitable working arrangements for on-project consultants, which vary on a client-by-client basis. Outside of that, Liberty IT offers the right equipment & resources so its people can work from anywhere they wish.

Liberty IT encourages its people to stay connected with one another and offer virtual and remote support as and when it is needed. Our team strives to be the employer of choice in Australia through genuine care for our “family” members. With this approach, we will continue to lead the technology consulting market with the best and brightest minds, delivering the most complex, most interesting, and impactful projects.

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