Robert Hanich

Robert Hanich: Business Remodelling Expert

Areas of Expertise

  • large scale waterfall and agile program delivery
  • core Banking and digital technologies
  • strategy formulation
  • business case development
  • program initiation and uplift
  • software application deployment
  • software upgrades
  • infrastructure and cloud implementations

A determined, reliable, achievement oriented and excellence driven professional with outstanding leadership and management skills, successfully leading teams of various sizes to outstanding results.

Highly developed analytical skills and excellent in providing problem resolution. Great communication skills and experience in dealing with both internal and external customers and all levels of management.

An attitude of “get it right first time” and “there’s always a better way” has resulted in outstanding customer service, quicker and more efficient ways of doing things and delivery of outcomes beyond expectations.

I also possess a great sense of humour and look to have fun – a key asset in any environment.

What Rob Brings

An experienced lead, delivering across multiple, high complexity release delivery planning and methods with excellent oversight across business and product streams, technical integration architects and delivery teams (both vendor and onshore & off shore internal), infrastructure teams and security architects. Rob engages and leads a project by empowerment, defining the broader context, and to progressively link the work of one or more teams with the rest of the business.

Rob’s diverse industry experience with extensive banking knowledge of 20+ years in the domains of consumer, commercial and institutional banking, freight, high education, risk management, finance and consulting. Rob has excellent knowledge of products and business processes, he is customer focused, payments savvy, and a sound risk and finance management understanding.

Key Achievements

Rob has held Executive Business Program Manager positions at the largest Bank in Australia for many years with the highlight being his leadership of the business transformation of the consumer and commercial bank through the CBM Core Banking SAP program. Further to that, Rob has held business risk management positions for a multitude of years minimising and mitigating

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