Craig Saphin: The new term servant leader has two main components. Firstly, being a servant leader requires you to set a vision and a strategy for the organization you’re leading. It may be just the team or it may be a whole company, but you still have to have a vision of where you’re taking the business and the people in it, and you also need to have a strategy to get there. Once you have that, you need to communicate it to your team and make sure that they fully understand it. But more importantly, that they’re onboard with you and willing to take the journey.

Once you do that, and the individuals within the team understand the strategy and their individual roles, then your role changes dramatically. You need to then move into a supportive role and this is where the servant leader piece actually cuts in and is different to what the traditional leadership or management role is, and that is you become a supportive agent within the team, enabling your people, helping them be successful. I think that that leads to happier people because they really understand the concept in which they’re working, and the reason that they’re working, and what they’re contributing towards, but they also feel supported by a fairly senior executive in the organization or the most senior person that they’re working with. I think this, in my experience, makes for very positive people.

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