Women’s Day Series: A message for future generations of female leaders: Sophia Demetriades, Dubai Chamber 

In celebration of International Women’s Day 2024 this year, Liberty IT Consulting Group invited leaders from various industries to offer messages of support, advice and inspiration to women in the hope of encouraging the younger generation to pursue their dreams. 
The short film featured 13 inspiring leaders from all walks of life and each person’s whole message was also captured in an individual video. Over the next 13 weeks we will share these inspiring messages to our future generations of leaders as a continuation of our commitment to not only highlight and hero the female leaders in our industry but also continue to offer positive messages of hope for our future generations. 
Our second in the series features Sophia Demetriades, Chief Executive Australia, Dubai Chamber. Sophia’s message is one that really hit home for a lot of us at Liberty. “Travel. Travel far away from home and your comfort zone” and also trust that you will find your way. 
We hope you enjoy this series as much as we enjoyed making it. At Liberty we are different by design and therefore we wanted to shift gears and show that men and women working together are making a difference, and leading the charge for a better future. 
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