Liberty IT Consulting Group was established in 2016 by a group of highly experienced IT professionals from the Asia Pacific and Japan (APJ) region. It is Australian owned and headquartered, and services clients globally. The combined workforce accounts for 250+ years of commercial experience in the information technology and telecommunications, financial services, and Australian public service industries. Liberty IT Consulting Group is part of a consulting and recruitment partner network which collaborates to create world-class solutions for many clients in a diverse set of industries.




After many years interacting with the biggest organisations in the industry, we have excellent access to the local talent pool. On top of this, we have strict guidelines when it comes to talent selection, so you can always be sure you will be getting the highest calibre of people working on your projects.


Liberty offers a different experience altogether. For clients, we work with honesty, integrity and diligence at every step of your journey with us. And for staff we offer a supportive, nurturing environment designed to help them fulfil their potential, however that is realised.


We are building our business on diligence, honesty, and hard work. Without these pillars, all the capabilities we could amass are worth nothing. This is the very foundation of our business.



John Dimitropoulos

Founder & CEO

Mr John Dimitropoulos is the founder and managing director of Liberty IT Consulting Group. John is a highly experienced and inspirational leader with a long background in financial services and information technology. He specialises in business and technology transformations, digitisation, system integration and program delivery.John has repeatedly and consistently directed large scale, multi-million-dollar, multi-vendor, multi-site, complex transformations for tier 1 and tier 2 financial institutions. John comes from a software engineering background and brings over 20 years of commercial experience from active involvement in Australian domestic and international engagements.John has directed programs worth as much as AU$350 million and has managed workforces of 650 FTE. Most notably, John was involved with the banking transformation of the retail arm of one of Australia’s leading investment banks, the core banking modernisation of Australia’s largest retail bank, and the technology platform uplift of the largest non-bank mortgage provider in Australia.Early in his career, John provided consulting services to a range of Australian financial institutions and was engaged in international assignments in Europe and the Middle East for banking technology platform uplifts. John has an excellent reputation in the financial services industry for high-quality output, intellect, and resilience, and has attracted testimonials from some of the world’s best-known firms. Executive steering groups can benefit a great deal from John’s program delivery, cost avoidance, and risk minimisation experience.
Liberty IT Consulting Group Project Management Project Office and Delivery Business Analysts




Chris Dimitropoulos is a digital technologies executive with vast experience in digital media, travel and financial services industries. His career in information technology spans well over 20 years.


James is a very experienced financial management specialist. An entrepreneur with 30 years experience in private and corporate accounting, tax law and financial planning, James is the founder and owner of a well-established financial services company with vast clientele specialising in small and medium enterprises.

Liberty IT Consulting Group
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