Risk Management

Liberty IT specialises in managing large and complex programs of digital transformation where risks, if allowed to eventuate unmitigated, can derail a project. 

At Liberty IT Consulting  Group we prioritise risk Management and Contingency Planning into project quality assurance to ensure that the business outcomes are achieved within the agreed budget and timelines.

We apply Risk Management techniques to evaluate and manage project risk, this includes defining risk mitigation measures, prioritising risk mitigation activities based on risk likelihood and impact, and allocation of resources required to perform risk mitigation activities.

Quality of Risk Management is at best inconsistent in many organisations and in worse cases non-existent. Liberty IT and its team of project management professionals (PMP) recognise Risk Management as a core organisational competency so that Risk Management, Risk Assessment and contingency planning become commonplace and of a consistently high standard within the organisation.

Project Audit

The Liberty IT Project Audit service helps the desired business outcomes to be achieved through ensuring that appropriate governance and controls have been documented and followed.

Our Independent Audit service identifies key issues and risks that would otherwise remain hidden or unreported because of assumptions, fear of being seen as a detractor or “not one of the team”.

Quality Review – Budget Checks

Liberty IT recommends that Budget Checks are undertaken during Project Planning to ensure that accurate data has been used in all estimates, assumptions have been tested and proved/disproved, and contingencies provided for.

This includes taking a number of Risk areas into consideration including:

  • Operational risks such as allocating resources with the right competencies to perform tasks within time / budget allocation
  • Time risks where a schedule change can delay completion of tasks and overall progress of the project with associated pressure on budgets
  • Budget risks including assessing the impact on budgets where contingency plan(s) are implemented and ensuring adequate contingency budget has been reserved

The key objective of Budget Checks is to avoid surprises and optimise the likelihood of completing a project on time and on budget.