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The Banking industry is in a state of change.

Time honoured systems are being disrupted by new technologies at a rate that has never been seen.

We are a highly specialised consulting firm, made up of stand-out performers in a variety of disciplines such as core banking and wider banking transformations. We are dedicated to helping our clients navigate this revolution and come out on top.

Liberty IT Consulting Group

Our Consultants have partnered with some of the very best

Commonwealth Bank

And together they have achieved the incredible

Case Studies

We worked on an AU$1.5b initiative to modernise the retail and commercial arms of a Bank’s core technology. This included managing teams of 20-550 FTE over a period of 6 years.

“Great advice and research on the best fit technology solution to help us achieve our business objectives”

Executive from the financial services sector 

“The 25% increase in productivity and efficiency helped put our project back on track” 

Executive from the financial services sector

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