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Our team of project management consulting professionals work closely with our clients to understand their pain points and objectives. We work with our clients to develop implementable solutions to meet those objectives. As part of our activities, our project consultant experts guide our clients to lead successful programs. We have done so repeatedly for many Australian clients over decades in the banking and financial services sector. Our method is based on experience, quality, and ethical principles.

Liberty IT Consulting Group Project Management Project Office and Delivery Business Analysts
Liberty IT Consulting Group Project Management Project Office and Delivery Business Analysts

Consultant project management for all organisational needs

We understand that every organisation is unique in appearance, behaviour, and performance, so our project managers adjust their approach appropriately.


We are proud to solve our Australian clients’ toughest project management challenges with precision, speed, and beneficial impact.


Our commercial and IT project management team specialises in delivering consulting services for financial institutions and large business software solution implementations. Our expertise spans different project consulting approaches, ranging from agile project management to hybrid and predictive life cycles. We are proud to be one of the project management consulting firms in Australia that can embrace the preferred implementation type in your organisation.


Regardless of what level of project management consulting you need, our PM consultants have the right attitude, knowledge, and experience to deliver your business’s solution. This enables Liberty IT to tailor project consulting services to each organisation and project’s unique needs and specifications.

Your IT project management partner

At Liberty IT, we provide specialist IT consulting for technology transformations involving digitisation and large-scale system implementation and integration. Our consultants are professional project managers who focus on identifying the best management approaches to ensure the success of the IT project. We focus extensively on the activities and deliverables crucial to your strategy’s operational success. 

Specifically, our IT project managers have a long history of assisting project leaders with ways of effectively bringing the delivery and adoption. We rely on governance approaches and our long experience in the industry to help implement consulting support throughout the whole IT project. 

There is no project consulting without IT project management approach excellence, which has been proven to empower Australian organisations, ensuring more effective change initiatives and associated benefits. We are proud to count among our advisory board project managers with over 20 years of experience in IT.

Your project
consulting partner

No two IT projects are the same. But at Liberty IT, we appreciate that IT consulting for financial institutions can be incredibly challenging. That’s why we work closely with a financial expert on our advisory board who has over 30 years of experience in the financial sector. 

We can confidently assist you in the digital transformation of banking and financial businesses, including large-scale projects involving multiple sites, vendors, and complex transformations. We have successfully directed project management involving multi-million dollar investments worth as much as AU$350 million, such as banking modernisation and new banking technology platform uplifts and implementation. 

We are confident our experts can provide the project consultant services you need to effectively and successfully turn your strategic vision into an operational reality.

What can you expect from our project management consulting?

First, it is important to understand that reaching out to a project management consultant doesn’t replace having a qualified and experienced project manager onboard. Indeed, our project consultants have experienced project managers on their own. But a consultant’s role is to offer the support and advice the IT project manager requires. As such, when an Australian client reaches out to Liberty IT, we ensure the client fully understands the purpose of project management consulting.

The project consultant never takes charge of the project’s execution and has no responsibility regarding its success. We are committed to supporting project managers to ensure their strategy can be successfully and effectively implemented across the business. 

Consulting in IT project management can include different forms of support for IT project managers:

  • Preparation of an overview of current weaknesses and risks in the process and controls in place
  • Advice to improve the current processes and controls
  • Advice and guidance to implement new solutions and tools in the project management processes
  • Review of the current processes and capabilities part of the current project management
  • Support for transformation and change management

It is important to understand that core project management functions do not include creating, executing, managing, controlling or concluding a project plan. These are the functions of your project management team, which Liberty IT specialists can assist.

Who needs a project management consulting?

Essentially, project consulting and project management go hand-in-hand. At Liberty IT, we appreciate that project managers must approach every project with a unique strategy designed to encompass its vision and mobilise assets and talents to ensure the adoption and delivery of the plan. In the long term, the project manager remains involved to guarantee support and bring the strategic realisation into a fully-established reality. 

Project consulting accompanies the project management professional at different stages of the project:

  1. At the planning stage, ensure the organisation has the approach and comprehension necessary to share the project vision.
  2. At the adoption and delivery stage, we ensure your project manager has the tools and expertise to implement the strategy. 
  3. Finally, after implementation, the project consultant can deliver additional support to help the business stick to the transformation in the long term.



We especially recommend project consulting services to businesses that are facing new project management challenges: 

The project management team is qualified but lacks experience in managing and monitoring similar projects in scale or complexity. 

The IT project manager feels uncertain about some project elements or struggles to share the vision with the organisation. 

The IT project is a complete transformation of an existing technology solution that will substantially impact the organisation, its future, and its workforce.

Who is our project consulting experts?

At Liberty IT, we leave nothing to chance. Our project consultant team is carefully selected for their expertise, experience, and service excellence. 

You can rest assured that when you invite a project consultant to assist with your project, you will be working with a seasoned project manager who has gathered similar experience during their career. As a specialist in IT consulting for large company software integration and financial institutions, our project management consulting services focus primarily on supporting IT project managers in the financial sector and in large-scale information technology transformations. 

We are committed to delivering excellent consulting services you can rely on. Therefore, our consulting team consists of talented project managers who have faced many challenges. Regardless of the preferred methodology for your projects, such as agile project management, or the level of technical skills needed, your Liberty IT project consultant has seen and done it before. So, each Liberty IT consultant is ankle to deliver valuable and result-enhancing advice and support. 

Liberty IT, IT consulting USP

Liberty IT has established many world-class proprietary models, methodologies, and tools via years of research and development and in-depth insights garnered across a wide range of programmes, portfolios, and projects. Our intellectual property is groundbreaking in scope and effectiveness, having been proven in the field with significant success. 

Our models and processes are notable for their ability to offer clarity and focus to an organisation’s change projects and identify the management approaches required for effective transformation. Additionally, they can swiftly identify issue areas and provide appropriate solutions to real-time challenges in the project management sector.

We aim to meet and exceed our client’s expectations in every project consulting we do. This is demonstrated by positive feedback from our satisfied clients across Australia and the APJ region. Do not hesitate to contact our expert team to learn more about how project consulting can improve your project management success and effectiveness. 

First and foremost, our consultants are responsible for our success. Having the necessary technical and expert skills is a given; what distinguishes our IT consulting team is that our people care about what they do. They constantly seek to learn and develop, believing there is always a better way to achieve their objectives.

Liberty IT, an excellent project management consulting firm

At Liberty IT, our IT project managers gathered many years of experience in project management and consulting across the APJ region (Asia Pacific and Japan). We combine over 250 years of experience in IT and financial services, ensuring we can support our clients in Australia and abroad. 

Clients reach out to Liberty IT because we prioritise enhancing the skills and talents in their organisation’s dedicated project management in consulting. We believe that the only way we can add strategic value to IT project and financial digitisation project needs is through a deep and solid understanding of your unique business. That’s why we work hand-in-hand with you to facilitate the strategic implementation of 100% tailored solutions. 

We help you deliver the change and growth your business needs to thrive.

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