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Liberty IT Consultants make a difference to Banking and Financial technology projects for banking modernisation, banking transformation, project management and business analyst staff augmentation

Why Sustainable Workplaces are Key to the Future of Meaningful Work

Liberty IT Consulting Group Project Management Project Office and Delivery Business Analysts

Historically, workplaces have been oriented to the needs of the business rather than the needs of employees. In the past two years, though, there has been a shift in thinking about what constitutes a pleasing workplace. Employers need to establish strong relationships with their people—they need to trust that their employees will get their work done on time but allow them to balance their working life with their personal and family commitments.

Covid-19 has given people worldwide a new perspective on how they spend their time at work and at home and has led to a realisation that many can work from anywhere and increase their productivity in a bespoke environment of choice. People (knowledge workers especially) have questioned how much time they spend working and how much time they spend on their personal life. All over the world, there has been a record attrition rate since early 2021, what is being referred to as “The Great Resignation” or “The Great Attrition”.

So, how should organisations prepare? Organisations need to address the links between staff engagement, motivation, loyalty, and productivity with business success. This is an opportunity for organizations to look at how they can create a more meaningful work context. People are more engaged when their deliverables are connected to a tangible benefit felt by their customers. Employers who understand this are more likely to look at how their business can positively influence their employees and society.

Sustainable workplaces (with low turnover and minimal attrition rates) are key to the future of meaningful work—they will provide people with opportunities to be part of something bigger than themselves, which is what most people need to be content. Employees who feel invested in their results will be committed to seeing projects through and contributing to growth.

Liberty IT Consulting has always prioritized its consultants’ mentoring and career development, as well as fostering an inclusive culture. It has encouraged remote work for its head office staff since its inception. When the pandemic hit in 2020, employee and consulting staff happiness and engagement—already a key priority for Liberty—became even more critical. See more about this below.

How Technology has Enabled the Paradigm Shift

Technology is continuing to affect how we work—throughout the COVID pandemic, the seamlessness of remote working technology has made many realise that working from anywhere is no longer a luxury for a privileged few. Employees are focused not only on meeting their work objectives but also on how much time they spend with their families and whether their work aligns with their personal values.

Liberty IT Consulting Group Project Management Project Office and Delivery Business Analysts

With the technological advancements supporting remote work, more opportunities arise for businesses to grow and stay competitive. However, these same advancements bring new challenges many businesses have not traditionally been prepared to deal with. For example, employee performance management may have been based on a manager’s perception (potentially biased by the number of hours worked with direct contact/line of sight).

Remote team performance management needs to be measured differently—Liberty IT uses more accurate options for measuring productivity and validating tasks. Clear metrics are agreed upon in their agile projects to assess the outcomes.

Why do Liberty IT Consultants Choose to Stay?

Digital transformation projects for the banking industry frequently take a year or more. Today’s voluntary attrition rate is between 10-15% (and may continue to grow), whereas previously, it was ideally half that (5-7%.) This introduces a novel risk to large-scale technology transformation projects.

Liberty IT’s principles set us apart. We are not about time spent so much as goals accomplished. Performance is measured by the difference Liberty’s consultants make to their customer’s projects:

  • Core banking modernization
  • Digital transformation in business
  • IT migration
  • IT Integration

Liberty IT Consultants are hand-picked based on their experience, work quality, and ethical behaviour. Liberty provides a supportive mentoring environment for its people—their professional development and success are critical to Liberty’s success, and they are given an inclusive environment in which to work, where they know that their personal commitments and work-life balance are valued and supported. Liberty’s attrition rate is low to non-existent. People work for Liberty IT because of the collegial respect, inclusion, support, and professional development they receive.

Collectively, Liberty consultants have many decades of experience across all of Australia’s largest core banking digital transformation projects. Our consultants have played key leadership roles in multiple digital modernization programs, including:

  • the modernization of the core banking of Australia’s largest bank
  • the digitization of Australia’s most prominent investment bank
  • the implementation of customer centricity and banking software replacement of the second largest consumer bank in Australia
  • the digital transformation of Australia’s number one securities exchange

Liberty’s consultants are also committed to upholding high ethical standards in every aspect of their work lives. Liberty’s clients can trust that IP developed during a project remains with the client and that Liberty’s consultants are committed to delivering outstanding results that surpass expectations. Liberty’s goal is to provide clients with the kind of consultants who care about the quality of their work so that Liberty’s customers can succeed in this complex industry.

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