Introduction to Core Banking Solutions event.

About Core Banking Solutions, Creating a customer centric company, transforming the customer experience, simplifying business processes and modernising technology in order to compete in the digital era must be on the agenda of every successful bank leader. A few weeks ago, our expert panel discussed how technology can solve many challenges the banks and credit unions face at present and what the future has in store for banking solutions. This was an unprecedented event where some of the most major tech companies addressed industry challenges and trends whilst sharing their experience with banking implementations.

In this video, @Triona Quinlan introduces the core banking solutions topic and also introduces the panel speakers to kick off the event.

@Liberty IT Consulting Group is an Australian management consulting firm which specialises in banking transformations especially core banking modernisations and digital transformations. Our business analysts, project managers, directors, PMO professionals, engineers and agile practitioners are the finest in their field.

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TRINA: Good evening everyone. It’s a real pleasure to be here and particularly in person, I know I’ve really missed these in person events, so it’s very hard to follow up John  and his passion for core banking, I don’t think I know anyone who’s more passionate but he’s right. We’ve got an amazing panel here, this evening, we have, you know, the depth of talent and experience in our panel today, you know, spends decades, we have representation from all the major solution providers and they all have an exceptional track record and delivering, you know, differing banking into the digital era. So without further Ado, I’ll start the introductions so to my left and no particular order.

I have Eric, John mentioned has travelled here from the US for the event. So Eric is the Vice President head of banking for DXC, Eric has a track record of successfully building scaling and running Global businesses that enable transformation and modernization. Eric’s current focus is enabling Global financial institutions, including several Globe Tier 1 to plan and meet their transformation objectives.

 So welcome Eric, next we have Stuart Johnson who I’ve had the pleasure of working with at CBA.

Stuart is the Executive Vice President at intellect design. Stuart has passionate about all things IT and has gained his insights and experience on large scales programs through working in banks. And for banks, you can’t introduce George without mentioning his other passion, which is long-distance swimming Stuart, as some of you would know is in some of you would not know it has swum the English Channel over and back three times, three doubles. So three times that’s six times when you do the math. So that’s a lot of swimming. So yes, six-and-a-half, sorry, okay, yeah and for that he has he has an Australian record and a world record. So welcome George, Chris Long over there, Chris joins us from SAP he is now SAP pioneer and is the ends at head of Sales, Chris has been involved in banking transformations across Australia and Asia since 1987 and his current role, he’s leading the Australian team working with well, majors and Neil Banks.

Theo Albers is the VP of and head of banking for emphasis and is responsible for pinnacle business operations in Australia, New Zealand. Theo, according to John D. is one of the most sought-after transformation experts in the field. So welcome Theo.

We’re also delighted to have Arun Arunachalam with us from TCS BaNCS. Arun is the VP and head of product management and has made the trip this evening to be with us, from Bangalore Arun is responsible for the strategy, investments, and rolled back map for TCS BaNCS, and is extensively involved in shaping the Next Generation strategy TCS BaNCS

Last but not least, we have Adrian Toynton who’s head of banking solutions from FIS and is joining us from Melbourne. Adrian specializes in engaging across all levels of banking enabling transformation, disruption, bringing expertise gained across the financial services industry. So thank you to all the panel. We’re going to get into our questions. We have a number of questions that we’ll have with the panel for us, and then we’re going to throw it open to the audience.

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