Cyber breaches & responsible use of data.

Cyber Breaches: Privacy breaches, cyber terrorism and responsible use of data are the greatest concern and priority of governments, corporations and technology industry leaders.

“When customers entrust their personal information, they rightly expect that (their) information will be properly safeguarded. There are obligations regarding how organisations acquire, retain, protect and dispose of the personal information of their customers.” Oct ‘22 ACMA chair, @Nerida O’Loughlin in relation to Optus security breach.

In this video, @Hon Victor Dominello discusses with @John Dimitropoulos his thoughts on the importance of protecting personal information and preserving privacy, how trust in institutions and organisations may be lost and how erosion in democracy may eventuate due to loss of trust in governments who may fail to safeguard private data.

Digital Identity and biometric recognition are all part of how we might prevent breaches however, breaches shall continue to occur so, it is up to us to ensure we also have best practice response mechanisms in place.

The Minister also touches on the risk with governments creating information “honey pots”.  

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