The Digital Disruption in Banking and Finance 

The Digital Disruption in Banking and Finance round-table brought together six of the finest industry experts Neelam Tandon, Andrew Lefevre, Fiona Douskou, Peter Timmins, Janine Woodside and Dylan Steenhuisen who all have vast experience in transformation, major projects, digital, cloud, and modern technologies. The discussion was moderated by Phillip Finnegan and Alana Saphin.

Liberty IT hosts multiple industry events every year. Our events vary in format and content, but they are all aligned to the same higher purpose and target audience. They are designed in the best interest of the betterment of the Banking & Financial Services and Technology industries and the professionals therein. Our events are free to attend, and they are created to raise awareness, educate and create opportunities for thought provoking discussions and learning. Our events bring together people who share similar interests in B&FSI and Technology. No technology product, company or financial services company is sponsoring nor being specifically promoted by our events.

Full Transcript: 

Alana Saphin: At Liberty IT we are passionate about digital transformation, innovation and technologies while also keeping the human element alive in the industry. Today, we’ve come together to discuss just that with a group of highly talented and sought after individuals. It’s exciting!

Phillip Finnegan: It’s very exciting! There’s just so many topics of interest right now. Central Bank Digital Currencies CBDC, crypto currencies, stable coins. There’s topics around digital transformation, challenges of core banking, upgrades, and then there’s regulation. Just so looking forward to this conversation and thank you to our guests today.

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