Disruption in Banking & Finance roundtable – Cloud security & Performance 

We’ve come a long way with cloud infrastructure for bank grade solutions. What are your views on how far we’ve addressed some of those key issues around data sovereignty, security, reliability, availability, all that stuff that’s really important to banks.

Peter Timmins:

Yeah, and I think the picture globally is a little bit mixed. I think if we look at Australia specifically, Australia’s come a really long way and it’s one of the leaders in the world in terms of looking at how this is done. When we started working here about four years ago, probably the general atmosphere towards it wasn’t as secure and as confident as it is now, but actually, as we’ve gone through a process of transformation across the whole industry, people have become a lot more comfortable with it. I mean, I don’t think across the world AWS has ever had a region go down. And so, actually, if we look at banking compared to any other industry, banking’s as important and more important than lots of those industries, but would we see the same amount of noise if Amazon went down? Absolutely, it would be in exactly the same way on the front pages of the news. So I think that scalability and reliability will continue to be a question, but can only be proven out by that consistent exceeding of expectations by cloud providers and the applications within it as well.

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