How to effectively communicate the value-add of your project?

Effective messaging and communications

Here are the marketing strategies to use in 2021.

Hailey Romeo: There’s so many means and aids that we can use for our communications this year. We have so many options for our pull communications, there is so much out there that self-based learning.

So today, let’s really look into our push communications. How can we contact our customers and send a message effectively to them as quick as possible? So I recommend the use of using social media responsibly. I’m a big fan of this. We have so many great platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram. They’re all there, and they can all help you communicate with your customers so effectively if you do it in the right way. The best way I recommend is really creating that content, that value added content, for your customer. Not just resharing or liking or posting things, you need to be creating that value and adding that content that your customer needs to hear.

This year, webinars will be an effective way to communicate. We see online is a massive thing. People are working from home and are on their devices a lot more. So a great way is to set up webinars that are engaging, use that value added content, get those experts in. I’ve hosted many webinars over the past. And if you have the right personality with the experience and the knowledge, the right expert on your panel, will have that impact on your customer.

Another great example of the push kind of communication we have seen is short videos similar to the ones you see on TikTok. If that is used in a responsible way, you can tell a story to your client, effectively communicate with them underneath a minute, and it’s engaging, and it will spread the word.

Getting people on board with a new piece of technology or a new process can be hard. People do hesitate. So you need to communicate, what value add are you making? What is in it for the customer and how will it impact them? Let’s say you were on a Samsung device and you needed to move over to an Apple iPhone. How do you communicate the benefits, the value-added, in this? And for a big business, a new technology program, this can be a bit more difficult. So I recommend developing an oversharing, honest and simple messaging strategy with your customers. Explain the benefits and the drawbacks of what the new technology may bring. How will it make their business more productive? How will it bring more customer satisfaction? It is important to be transparent and honest in your communications, even when the news isn’t great. You need to know what your setbacks are. You need to communicate them honestly, and just be transparent with your customer.

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