Women’s Day Series: A message for future generations of female leaders: Marin Lazic, Health and Performance Coach

In celebration of International Women’s Day 2024, Liberty invited leaders from various industries to offer messages of support, advice and inspiration to women in the hope of encouraging the younger generation to pursue their dreams. 

Our third in the series is Health and Performance coach, Marin Lazic. Marin, is the strength and conditioning coach for the Australian men’s Water Polo team and founder of corporate wellness accelerator Otion; which is dedicated to transforming workplaces into high performing environments with a data driven approach that prioritises health and well-being in order to maximise productivity.  

Marin’s message for all leaders (current and future generations) is that unlike an Olympic athlete, who knows when their big stress or big game is coming; corporate leaders have to be ready at any turn because any and every day can be different both personally and professionally – “it’s important for leaders to not only get ready but stay ready”. Otions approach to corporate wellness starts from the top, finding that by creating healthy habits in the c-suite & executive levels; this awareness and new found practices will then cascade through entire organisations thereby redefining the company’s overall approach to health, resilience and productivity – “a healthy leader is a happy leader” says Marin. 

We wish Marin and the Australian men’s water polo team all the best for the 2024 Paris Olympics. 

We hope you enjoy this series as much as we enjoyed making it. At Liberty we are different by design and therefore we wanted to shift gears and show that men and women working together are making a difference, and leading the charge for a better future. 

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